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803 Wood Rd, Yenda NSW 2681, Australia

Worm Tech Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s trusted compost suppliers and producers. We have large volumes of high quality organic worm castings available for all sorts of gardening and farming applications. We also have the purest manure you can buy in Australia.

Order only from trusted compost producers in Australia. Purchase from Worm Tech Pty Ltd. We can guarantee the freshness of our products as we pack them fresh when payment has been settled. We also ship them as soon as possible. Usually, orders arrive within 7 to 10 working days.

As the country’s leading supplier of compost worm products, Worm Tech Pty Ltd sells a wide range of biological organic fertiliser and other gardening materials. We have recycling essentials like coir fibre blocks, kitchen caddies, pH moisture meter, and vermi hut blankets. We also have Bokashi indoor compost kits and organic worm castings.

Worm Tech Pty Ltd has a number of compost products available online, such as backyard Vermi hut gardening Australia worm farm, liquid fertilisers, compost and manure blends, live compost worms, Bokashi indoor compost bins, EnsoPet products, and a lot more.

Check out our wide range of products online. We have vermi hut accessories, worm farms, ACTIV8 liquid fertiliser ACTIV8, bokashi composting systems, compost & manure blends, and many more for sale online.

Phone 0429681921

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Country Australia
State/Province New South Wales
distance: 6,748 Kilometers
Address 803 Wood Rd, Yenda NSW 2681, Australia
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    madelineang said on January 28, 2020 7:58 pm:

    Best Australia worm farm gardening. Great Products.!